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Run Stable Diffusion in your browser using the latest and best GPUs _

Stablematic is the fastest way to run Stable Diffusion and any machine learning model you want with a friendly web interface using the best hardware. No setup required.

Start creating on Stable Diffusion immediately. Add any model you want.

Text Prompts To Videos
Merge Multiple Models
Train Image Models

With existing models on top of Stable Diffusion, use text as prompts to generate videos and animations.


Fast, easy setup

Stablematic is up and running in one-click. Having a Stable Diffusion playground with a plethora of pre-installed plug-ins.

Adding any models to create content magic is also as simple as a click.


Transparent runtime pricing

Pay only for when the Stable Diffusion playground is up and running. Pricing is based only on runtime with no hidden fees.

GPU and disk usage are all included in the price.


Dedicated GPU Playground Instance

Have the latest GPU power your Stable Diffusion playground. No queues. No coldstart problems with GPUs or Colab notebooks.

The playground is all yours!

Simple pricing.

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Public alpha



per month*

Save 20% for a limited time

ℹ️ $10 credit enables around 15,000 image generations using our A5000 GPUs.

ℹ️ After credits are used, any additional usage is priced at $0.000277/second.

✅ Dedicated 1 on 1 feature support.

✅ Pre-installed models and support to help with any other models desired.

✅ Merge and train custom models and embeddings.

✅ API Access.

✅ Unlock future access bonuses and perks from Spellbook Labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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